Spectator Guidelines for Attending Athletic Events

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1) Pre-sold tickets ONLY. There will be NO tickets sold at the games. Tickets will be sold at the school office Tues – Thurs from 9am-3pm and Friday from 9am-Noon.

2) Spectators must wear a face covering at ALL times.  This applies to any person who has entered the 2nd grade or above

3) Spectators may not congregate within 6 feet of a person from another household

4) Spectators may not make physical contact with one another (high-fives, handshakes, etc.) 

5) There will be no crossover allowed from home stands to visitors or visitors to home.

6) Children must be monitored at all times during  the games and should remain with members of their own household.

7) Students ages 13 or and younger must be accompanied with an adult.

8) Students attending games without adults are expected to follow all the same guidelines.

9) There should be limited movement within the stadium and practice social distancing/wearing mask  when visiting the concession stands or restrooms.

10) At no time before during or after the game will any spectators be allowed to enter the field of play. 

11) No standing along the fence during the game. 

12) No congregating around the locker room area after the game.  

If these guidelines cannot be followed by our spectators, it is likely that some will be asked to leave games as well as we will have to limit game capacity.  Please come and support to our student athletes.