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Pike County High School JROTC - Striving For Excellence

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Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)

 552 South Main Street

 Brundidge, Alabama

334-735-2389 ext 604


Mission of JROTC 

 "To motivate Young People to Become Better Citizens"

 The program seeks to train students in leadership and motivational skills that will serve them during their school years as well as throughout their lives. It provides the positive support many students need at this significant stage of their development.


I am an Army Junior ROTC Cadet. I will always conduct myself to bring credit to my family, country, school and the Corps of Cadets. I am loyal and patriotic. I am the future of the United States of America. I do not lie, cheat or steal and will always be accountable for my actions and deeds. I will always practice good citizenship and patriotism. I will work hard to improve my mind and strengthen my body. I will seek the mantle of leadership and stand prepared to uphold the Constitution and the American way of life. God grant me the strength to always live by this creed.

PCHS JROTC Elite Teams 

The JROTC Elite Teams consists of the Color Guard, Drill Team, Marksmanship Team, and Physical Fitness Team.  The teams participate in numerous competitive events with other JROTC organizations throughout the state of Alabama.  Other JROTC events include: 

PCHS Homecoming Parade 

Troy University Homecoming Parade 

Brundidge Christmas Parade 

Presenting Veteran's Day Program 

Community Service Activities - Tuskegee Veterans Hospital 

Presenting and Posting the Colors at numerous school events 

Cadet Staff Ride - Fort Benning, Georgia 

JROTC Formal Military Ball 

JROTC Organization/Olympiad 

JROTC Adopt a School Program - upcoming new program!!!        


PCHS Junior ROTC Student Chain of Command 

Battalion Commander (BN CDR): C/LTC Lakeisha Magwood 

BN XO: C/MAJ Teaghan Sharpe 

BN CSM: C/CSM Larry Sellers 

S-1C/2LT Ke 'Lani Thomas 


 C/2LT S-3C/2LT Charles Baine 

S-4C/2LT Laniesha Magwood 

S-5: C/2LT Aleyha Brundidge 

Colorguard CDR : VACANT 

Drill Team CDR : C/CSM Larry Sellers 

Rifle Team CDR 



Bravo CO CDR :


Charlie CO CDR : VACANT 

1SG :  C/1SG Lela Sellers 

Delta CO CDR: C/2LT Deon Caffie